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The Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Thousands of US homes, businesses, golf courses, municipalities and public spaces have turned to synthetic grass to provide a lush, attractive landscape solution that requires minimal resources and maintenance while saving millions of gallons of water each year.

Consider the following benefits:

A typical lawn of 1,800 square feet can require 56,000 gallons of water for maintenance each year.  Synthetic grass enables homeowners to conserve that water. Tax credits and rebates are being offered to residential and corporate users by an increasing number of local governments.

 Synthetic turf is a smart solution for overused high traffic areas and for pets use.  Cleanup is easy.  Natural grass cannot remain lush in extreme temperatures or being trampled by people or pets and their "droppings". 

Artificial grass looks lush year round regardless of traffic or temperatures.   

Communities and Parks with synthetic turf promote year-round activity on safe and resilient surfaces. 

Synthetic turf eliminates the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers while significantly decreasing maintenance costs.

Switching to synthetic grass allows consumers and businesses to save significantly on their water bills.  Users often recover the installation costs within a few years by reducing the need for water and lawn maintenance costs.